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Top 10 Web Designing Trends in 2015


17 March 2015


web designing trends 2015

Web design grows every year with so many awesome things. There were many touch-ups that rocked the year 2014, but by the end they lose their fame and something new replaces them. That’s trend. So we keep a keen eye on the changing trends that will be hot favorite since the beginning of the year.

Over the past few years, the general popular look of the internet has changed a bit for the developers and the designers. So, let us check out what is in and what is out?


A Quick Look at the Web Design Trends of 2015


Sites with longer scrolling

New site designs published today tend to be longer in length helping users to scroll through a page to get their information without too many clicking. As mobile devices are popular these days, so it is important for the sites to opt for scrolling instead of linking as a means to display content on their home pages.

Websites must tell a story

Have amazing content for your site that will be able to tell a story of your brand. Since content is crucial for your website so it is important to focus on such contents what will narrate your brand story even in few words.

Say NO to the use of large header background images

For last few years, it was the trend to use larger header background images in 2015, often with text on the top and it was the first thing that most visitors used to see. Therefore, to stand out in the crowd in 2015 you must stop using it. This will help you to increase your website performance.

No more usage of non-essential design elements

Remove the non-essential design elements to make the website design look simple. This idea will be more in use in 2015 as simplicity is quite popular since the last quarter of 2014.

Centered layout and fixed width

Most of the website in the past few years has been using banding width, but this year more site will be using fixed width with centered layout. Prior to banding width, it was fixed width and central layout that was popular, so once more it is having a great comeback this year in 2015.

Use of high quality custom photography

Stock imagery used to have their own place in web design, but today most professional stock images has taken the back seat to professional photography of high quality. The use of custom photography takes website designing a bit further than those simple stock images. It makes the website unique as no one else has the same picture that you use.

Use of slide-out or app-like menus

Most designers put emphasis on the web designs that look great on desktops, but ignores tablets and mobiles. However, it is the era of being responsive. Therefore, the designers need to revolutionize their designs with something that will look great on all screen size.

Hiding the main menus

Much similar to slide out menus this is the web design, there will be a hiding point to keep the main menu aloof from the page in a hiding position when the visitor is ready to move on and clicks some icon.

Use of large typography

Typography has never changed their position but it just evolved with modern types. As we all know that typography is an important part of web design so this year it is going to more magnified.

Increased speed and performance

Design trends that will help to boost the performance of a website if it will load faster and consume less bandwidth.

What do you think will help to sharpen the design trends in 2015? Please share your opinion by dropping a comment in the box below.