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Pay Per Click


Pay Per Click services is one of the fast and effective ways to deliver traffic to your website. PPC is one of the proven tools that helped with search engine optimization experts refine their outlook to digital marketing. PPC allows businesses to target keywords that will help you to have higher rankings within the natural search results.

However, it required to keep a track of how much you spend and how that money converts to sales and profits. If you want better conversion and increased sales, we have the answers to your queries.


What turned Systoo Technology into a great Pay Per Click Management firm?


We restrain the use of bid management software. However, in today’s environment a 60/40 rule exists, where human monitors 60% and rest 40% software monitored. Though we have a bid management software we rely on PPC Account Manager and stop you from becoming “client name/number.”
We make sure to use the Google Adwords in the correct order. More keywords to rule the SEO world is no more in practice. Google penalizes you for non-performing keywords, so choose less to have quality scores in Google Adwords.
We enable a flat package where our PPC team allows your PPC account to manage and focus on driving conversions not just traffic to your website
Systoo never burden our client with PPC account managers with our clients. We keep a proportionate ratio. We keep in mind that as we hire new staff and add new companies our staffs need to grow as well.